Interactive, creative and fun workshops to introduce you to the world of education and creative writing, publishing, business and entrepreneurial non-profit development


With three decades as a motivational and entrepreneurial business facilitator, writer and published (and self-publishing) author, I have a large kit-bag of hard-earned experience, knowledge and skills in these departments.

It is my joy to share my knowledge with you to help you find your magic and reach your dream.

Creative Writing

What can you expect?

Informative, practical, interactive, creative and inspiring workshops filled with knowledge, tips and techniques for clarity and confidence to move forward. You will

  • Discover your magic as a writer (if you haven’t already) and your writing style
  • Address any fears and blocks you may face in a fun way
  • Put structure to thoughts and pen to paper – the story
  • Find focus and direction for action

You will complete this workshop with the direction and confidence to complete your masterpiece!


What can you expect?

A practical and facilitated process where we will explore the world of publishing today and you take home:

  • A clear picture of how publishing works today
  • Innovative and creative publishing solutions for your work
  • An understanding of the business side of publishing

This workshop provides you with a valuable guide to publish your work successfully in the most cost-effective way.

Starting a Business

What can you expect?

A series of practical motivational workshops guiding you step by step on how to:

  • Grow your business
  • Market your product/service
  • Cost your product/service using a simple 1-2-3 commercial formula that works for any kind of business
  • Manage your personal and business money
  • Manage your business
  • Motivate and manage your staff
  • Work from home
  • Finance your business
  • Register your business

You take home valuable knowledge, business understanding and an entrepreneurial approach to give you and your business focus, direction and the right ‘stuff’ to move forward quickly and successfully and save you unnecessary expenditure and valuable time.

And there’s more! As a coach and mentor, I offer further support either online (Skype) or one-to- one. Contact me for further details!

Lets Work Together

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