Giving the matter a few days grace I went back and reminded her that words are very powerful and create energy.  Instead of using that word ‘trapped‘ change the phrase to “I’m parked” suggesting too – knowing that there are no co-incidences in this Universe – that there is often a very powerful reason why we need to be ‘parked’ sometimes.

The word  parked opens the mind up to possibilities and allows for ownership finding different solutions and ways to move forward, where-as the  word  ‘trapped‘  seems to close everything down, lending itself to the view of  waiting for some-one to open the trap-door and let us out ( saved).

Yes, came the reply a while later. She loved the idea of being parked which took away feelings of hopelessness and gave her a sense of responsibility in taking time to reflect, review and clear that which no longer serves her, so she can be ready (body, mind and spirit) for when the time comes for her to move forward into a new chapter of her life, The alternative? Well she’d been doing that – running away and hiding from what needs to be confronted by being busy, busy, and busy and waiting to be saved.

Words are indeed powerful and influence our thoughts, our energy, our lives, our space, people around us and our world.  There’s a grand saying. “Change your thoughts, change your life”. That said we all know the difference between the phrases “I can’t” and “I can” and how it affects our thoughts and actions. So let us change the words to help us open up to possibilities for growth. It’s the first step.

Well I’m happy to report my special some-body had a major breakthrough. She found amazing people to help her work through a life time of abuse, past trauma, grief, anger and hurt.  She says she now feels like a jigsaw puzzle where the pieces have been sanded and finally fit together instead of being jagged and unable to match up.

And speaking of words, my late dad had a wonderful sense of humour. There was a saying in our family “Dear God, please help me to keep my words soft as I may have to eat them”

I wish you a gentle flowing into your new year, may it be filled with possibilities, love, fulfilment, joy and peace.

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