There is much ado about entrepreneurship in the news lately, especially in South Africa, with young people being urged to become entrepreneurs and save the economy.

That said, having been in this environment, as an entrepreneur empowering others to start and grow their own enterprises in the spirit of entrepreneurship, I know that this is not something to which one can add hot water and wow – instant coffee/entrepreneurs.

However, entrepreneurship is within the grasp of anyone, at any age, as it plays no favourites, requires no specific education or capital. And yes, there is much debate about entrepreneurs being born and not made, but I have witnessed ordinary folk leaving the security of a job, or just out of school, starting and growing their own enterprise and changing their destiny from a bleak future to financial self-reliance and success. It beats the demoralising task of looking for a job.

The young are indeed great candidates to become entrepreneurs; as although they may have limited skills for employment there is usually lots of energy, talent and ideas, which need focus and packaging. Sadly many parents don’t see entrepreneurship as a worthy profession and yet it is the way of the future.

So what is entrepreneurship exactly?

Entrepreneurship is a mind-set. It’s about doing things differently, using our imagination and creativity to earn money – be that a big business which needs a turn-around or a back-yard business. And there is nothing unworthy in a back-yard business. You must know that many back-yard businesses became the big businesses of today.

Entrepreneurship is not academic, it’s creative. I was asked the other day how I assessed the entrepreneurs I helped. Well, simple really – I didn’t have to. Success is in the satisfied sale of a product/service. If my entrepreneur has found a client, sold his/her product – having never done that before – then that’s success, and a base upon which stability and growth can be built. And yes I’ve been part of the accreditation compliance processes in training and development, but compliance isn’t the same as competitiveness. You can’t put creativity into a box.

Okay! So how can I be an entrepreneur or do business in the spirit of entrepreneurship?

Because entrepreneurship is about creativity we need to flip our mind-set away from the ‘usual same-oh, same-oh’ – to being ‘different’; away from instant big to small is cool; away from money being the solution to all things and ‘I have nothing’ mentality, towards looking at what we do have, in and around us, towards possibilities and opportunities to earn income with existing resources. Simplicity is a key element and the essence of entrepreneurship, along with being different, innovative and original.  It’s actually a natural, organic process.

This brings me to the heart of entrepreneurship – the original being – the entrepreneur; understanding our strengths and limitations; developing ourselves, our abilities, our thought patterns, tapping into our unique potential, our creativity and opening up to the magic within.

If you’re thinking of stepping out there and doing ‘your own thing’ get your copy of Entrepreneurship made Easy – it shows you how to earn money doing what you love – the entrepreneurial way!


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