Moving forward! That’s a statement that’s popped up quite often recently.

Yes I’ve been missing as a writer lately and that’s because Moodie and I have had a calamitous two years. After setting down some ‘happy boundaries’ with a precious some-one, the earth moved and pooh rained down upon our heads. No-matter what was suggested – pooh flowed. A veritable factory, it seemed. Finally pooh stopped (long story) and after an exploratory move out of the dung-heap, the first words my precious man uttered were – “now we’re moving forward”.

The irony of this is that helping people to move forward is what I do, and have done for many, many moons – be that in life or business. It seems to be my role in this life-time. I am a bridge. And here I am at the end of another chapter in my life, moving forward – again. And I’m not alone it seems, as I’ve been asked by a few others for help with this issue.

And so, I thought I’d share some thoughts along the way.

Firstly, before setting out take stock. Perhaps you need time to grieve. What is it you want to do? What part of your life needs to change? Or where do you want to go? Take the time to re-group and reflect and make one, just one choice. Just for now!

Secondly, there is a tendency to look only at the destination, which is usually step 10 of a new journey. But we cannot eat an elephant in one bite. If we’re at stage one, the next logical step is stage two, then three. Taking one day at a time, one step at a time, not only reduces stress but moves us forward quicker. Yes the tortoise did win the race.

In a business sense, moving forward usually means growing the business. This is well known to be a most tricky time, especially for one wo-man bands. It’s like letting go of the steering wheel. Before doing that take the time to put down some feet (systems) to stabilise what has been built, delegate the more mundane tasks (oooh hard for most women) and move out one step at a time. The market should dictate.

And in all of this, of-course, there’s our stuff. Emotional issues like comfort-zones, risk, fear and past hurts. Not insurmountable.

For my forward journey I went back to what I love and do well – helping others to move forward in life anbusiness. I am a Bridge helping others step into their next chapter: And writing.

With love and luck for your new journey


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