I’m still feeling all warm and fuzzy after watching that amazing wedding when Prince Harry married his lady love, Meghan. It was magical, with all the makings of a fairy tale, complete with a castle. It was a wedding honouring tradition and responsibility yet bringing a modern twist and crossing boundaries. Love is power the Reverend said. It is indeed! It is an emotion that is liberating, bringing all that is good and possible.

My friend in Cape Town commented that the wedding brought a little magic into our lives during these seemingly dark and fearful times. And so it did.

This brings us to the opposite side – fear – an equally powerful energy. Fear fills one with anxiety and dread of what might happen which could hurt or harm. It’s an inhibiting energy, closing us down and keeping us stuck. And yes, we all have fears, the major ones of course you know – fear of loss, ridicule, rejection, failure, change, success.

We attract whichever we choose to honour and give energy – be that love or fear.

Let me share a personal experience of attracting exactly what I feared. I feared that when changing insurance on our new vehicle I might have an accident and not be covered. Well it happened. I had an accident (my fear brought it on), but thankfully the insurance covered us. And the other experience? I live on a mountain and traverse a mountain pass with a hair-pin bend and my fear was that my breaks might fail on that bend. And they did. Happily my Guardian Angel was looking after me on both occasions and I was surrounded by love (and protection). Love protects.

Sadly fear is often used by others to gain something – power and control come to mind. There are some who incite fear to bring others to their cause. And of-course we all, at some stage or another, share and project our fears, warning others about all the negatives of a good idea, instilling doubt and crushing possibilities.

Well we’re not perfect, life has its ups and downs and it is okay.

So what to do? We can manage our thoughts and feelings – and that means managing our fears. The word discerning helps with this. It means ‘sharp, perceptive and eagle-eyed’ (love that one). There are always two sides to everything, so check the facts before you buy into fear. I choose not to give fear any power or energy. I gather facts and information where possible. And when fear pops up I move the negatives along and think of all the positives instead. So far this has served me well. I choose not to attract fear.

And by-the-way, just in case you’re wondering, caution is not the same as fear. Fear is false evidence appearing real (our imagination running riot negatively). Caution is about being careful, aware, paying attention.

Thank you to those who hold and share love, bringing positive energy, hope and magic.  Hold that light – you are greatly needed.

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