In today’s forever changing world, it’s becoming necessary to find ways to earn our own money, supplement an income and even to start our own business. It’s not as difficult as you think.

As a business mentor and entrepreneur helping others start and grow their own successful enterprises (big or small) I always ask the question – ‘what do you think are the three most important pieces to business’. The answer is usually money and money and then ideas. But smart business is actually all about people. After all, where do ideas, innovation, creativity and needs come from?

In following the KISS (Keep it Simple Smart) principle – here are five basic steps to begin creating a successful enterprise; of any size.

  1. BE YOURSELF. You are the most important person in the business (next to your client). Your choice of business idea, product or services wraps around you – your personality (strengths) and limitations; your experience, your talents or skills. Believe in yourself
  2. DO WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO. This is usually a talent and yes everyone has one. This is the passion that is the essence of entrepreneurship. If you love what you do you can do it, every day and, do it well. You don’t need a certificate. I witnessed a school-leaver start a soccer clinic for under 13’s; much to his surprise and delight too. Work with what you know and love.
  3. WORK WITH WHAT YOU HAVE NOW. It is common to want to buy things for our potential business. This is a stall tactic where fear rears its head and we give too much attention to what we think might go wrong, instead of what might go right. Move fear away and look at the many resources that you can use to earn income. Perhaps those resources are simply ingredients in your cupboard, with which you can make sandwiches for the workers of a local business, or a selling or organizing skill you can offer to others. A school leaver began her business simply by being the link between a brick-maker with home-owners wishing to renovate. You don’t have to own it to do business.
  4. LINK AND ADD VALUE. It’s important to be different in the market-place. Linking with another business and offering something that is needed (adding value) is a great way to start without capital. For example, instead of opening another coffee shop, provide goodies that are different to those offered and might be needed. How do you know? Ask!
  5. JUST DO IT! – One step at a time. Yes we can plan until our eyes are squiffy. Getting out there, burning rubber and doing market research is a great way for people to get to know what you’re offering, whilst also providing focus and direction for the nature of your product or service. In doing just that a lady offering a wardrobe and accessory service to executive women in corporate companies discovered that men were actually her potential clients. Never ASSUME. Just do it – one step at a time

YES you can!

This is an excerpt from ‘Entrepreneurship made Easy’ self-study guide and on-line course

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