How did you find 2018? Was it a wow year for you, or one you hope you wouldn’t have to repeat? For some people it was a year of great achievement, but for others a year of ups and downs, with the unexpected happening often. Sadly too, it was a year of loss for many. It seemed to be a year of endings.

As with all endings – either within the process or once we’ve recovered  – we are faced with opportunities; opportunities to move on, make a change in our lives, space, relationships or lifestyles, or just to say goodbye. Every opportunity requires a choice.

I lost four friends last year, three of them unexpectedly. The fourth was a special friend with whom I’d shared life, work and spiritual journeys over two decades. She was told that she had six weeks left to live. Once I got over the shock I had the opportunity of going to Cape Town to say goodbye. Should I go? And herein lay the choice. I dithered a bit, but once I decided to go the right time and situations opened up for me and I spent two precious mornings with my friend and had the opportunity to say goodbye.  The experience left me with a heightened awareness of the miracle of life.

Whilst I was there I stayed with another precious person who was grappling with a hard choice of moving her mum into frail care after many years of home care; a choice with which she had been dithering for some time. Finally she made the choice and once done opportunities opened up and things fell into place quickly. The frail care centre concerned was one she’d known about for a long time. The opportunity had always been there so why the choice now and not earlier? Her reply was “I wasn’t ready”.

I’m keenly aware of what I call ‘the readiness factor’ and often wonder what switches the ‘not ready’ button over to ‘ready’. For some, like my friend who had to make peace with her passing, being ready didn’t factor at all, but she realised that her work on earth was done. She has left a wonderful legacy.

But what flipped the switch for my other precious person?  I think it relates to acceptance and surrender. She accepted that the current situation was untenable and simply said YES to change. Accepting the reality (honesty) of the situation and surrendering to what comes next, thus opening the opportunity switch for the next step in her journey. Within the surrendering process comes that word faith a word which means ‘the hope of better things to come’.

Even after a rough and tumble year that was 2018, opportunities abound. It merely requires a YES choice, to do what is right for you. An honest choice frees up everyone.

There’s that lovely saying “let go and let God”.

With love and light and good wishes for all the opportunities unfolding for your new year.

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