Nonprofit Dynamics

The nonprofit world is changing dramatically requiring community projects and personnel to become more self-reliant and entrepreneurial – but how?

Entrepreneurship and economic capacity building tools for nonprofits: A social entrepreneurial approach.

Having worked actively in the non-profit sector in rural communities around South Africa and Mexico, building business, financial and management capacity over the past 15 years as a leading Social Entrepreneur (Ashoka Fellow), my passion and specialty is empowering community project management to become more self-reliant and entrepreneurial, changing a mind-set from expecting and sourcing funding to finding creative ways to earn money with existing resources. Building and growing sustainable community business initiatives with strong managers and leaders.


I have mentored many community projects and project leaders all around South Africa (and Mexico) working for various Government Departments such as The Dept of Agriculture, Municipalities such as Knysna Municipality, Bitou, George and various Non-Profit Projects such as – Mad-about-Art; Sinethemba Youth Development; Khoisan Implementation Project, Local and International Development/Donor Agencies (GIZ) and ABSA Foundation,  CSI (Corporate Social Investment departments (Engen Petroleum, Coca Cola and others), and disability institutions (Epilepsy SA) and many others.

Feedback from Sinethemba Youth Development Project – Sinethemba is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (028-297-NPO) and Designated Child Protection Organisation who facilitates life and social skills to children living and working on the streets. The training formed part of staff development. Following the training Sinethemba successfully tendered for a project providing “sandwiches” to Fraaisig Primary School for their after-school program. Two of the staff members who successfully completed the training, coordinated the project with their newly found business skills. That program raised more than R30 000 for the Organisation during the 2013 financial year. Linda Spies started her own catering business and to date still successfully provide platters and cake for community and Municipal functions. I have been personally involved with Bev Moodie for more than 10 years attending many of her business trainings. The skills that I have learnt through her training enabled me to build a successful and well-known business in Knysna Thank you Bev for the impact in our lives and not just with entrepreneurial skills, but also with confidence and self-belief. Michael Smith


Apart from personal coaching and mentoring I offer  the Entrepreneurial training programme to facilitate entrepreneurship development in local communities with training, support materials and mentorship. It’s called the Business Outreach Programme,uses unique MFE methodology which builds capacity and skills and works in diverse situations and environments. The refined learner’s programme has proven itself robust and user friendly. The methodology allows this programme to reach a broad target market and specifically people with limited business exposure, skills, capital and confidence. 

So what makes these programmes different?

They have a strong personal development core and move away from the focus on money. They take participants on a personal journey, tapping into their inherent potential to embrace change, address common fears, misconceptions and blocks. The practical process guides them – one step at a time – to apply the basic/financial concepts into their own lives and situations, resulting in ownership and a new attitude to income earning and finance with the confidence, inspiration, focus and direction to move forward and do it.

For trainers – the programmes are modularised, flexible and easy to apply and can be used for either training or mentorship. They are well documented and structured, yet creative and non-academic, adhering to the spirit of entrepreneurship and the culture of business is business. The methodology is creative and motivational, adding simple basic concepts which are applicable to any situation. There’s no writing necessary on course – encouraging practical application. Basic business and financial information and content is included in the course manual, along with flip board guidance, stories, examples and common questions/answers.

The economic capacity building and skills programmes have been packaged for outreach training purposes and are:

  • How to Start a Successful Enterprise (with what you have now)
    Facilitator’s Guide, Course Content Manual (with examples, board work, questions/answers), Learner support materials
    (u/s 114593)
  • Building Financial Self-Reliance (personal budgeting)

Facilitator’s Guide, Course Content Manual, Learner support materials,

There are also success measurement tools, reporting guides and much more.

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