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Put the right words together for IMPACT

 I am a writer. I write to teach, heal, enlighten, empower and motivate positive change and bring magic and joy.

 I write (and have written) successful personal development and business training programmes, support materials, business plans and proposals, books, newspaper and magazine articles, brochures, copy for web-sites, marketing materials and everything in-between.

I write these for you or with you. 

 I offer creative and business writing workshops

 If you need help to put the right words together, connect with your muse or want to explore your creative writing talent  – book me

 If you want to improve your business writing and be more professional in your communication – book me


Author support service.

 Publishing is not what it used to be. Most mainstream publishers have become printers and expect authors to pay for the publishing of their book and to be involved. This can be an expensive, bewildering and exhausting exercise.

However, there are so many different kinds of books and cost-effective ways one can and should publish, each book dictating it’s preferred passage. Some works are best self-published or turned into a coffee-table book or e-book. Some lend themselves to audio and digital adaptations for a younger market. And then, of course, there’s costing and marketing and the importance of recouping your investment.

It’s exciting, fun and doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take a chunk out of your life and savings to get that wonderful work out to the public.

I handle this process from an author, reader and publishing perspective. As a result, my expertise provides you with an all-encompassing assessment of your book project, with creative and cost-effective ways of producing and publishing your work, plus a wide network of publishing contacts to distribute your book to.

Honesty, integrity (to the book too), creativity and an entrepreneurial approach. My philosphy is KISS – keep it simple, smart!

How I’ll Work With You

I offer the following options. 


During this session we discuss your writing or book project and various options to move forward with the most appropriate and cost-effective route for your project.

Author Suppor

If you need a sounding board or advice on the best manner to produce and publish your book – give me a call or you can also email your book to me. I will read it with an editor and proof-readers eye and suggest various publishing options available, plus all the business aspects in costing and distributing the book.

Creative Writing

I write specific topic related articles on my core subjects (small business and personal management) for newspapers and magazines. 

I write business plans, proposals, marketing and management materials

I write about living off the grid and small farming matters

Confidentiality of your work is Guaranteed.

What Are The Costs?

As each work/book is different in nature (and preparation time) it’s important for me to see the work and discuss what needs (or still needs) to be done and why, before I can give you some idea. As such, my first hour long consultation with you is free of charge!

Lets Work Together

Drop me a line using this form and I will get back to you as soon as possible to plan our one-hour free planning session!

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