About Bev Moodie

My Journey


After a decade in the legal world and hospitality industry, I started my own business with a partner and R5,00 , a huge dollop of ignorance and enthusiasm. We created the Home Executive Women’s Organisation which focused on personal development and later spearheaded home business development in South Africa.

My writing, training, personal development facilitation skills were gained working actively on the ground in many diverse arenas – from my early days of working with women and home business to sharing my skills and knowledge in impoverished rural communities with a mixed population of unemployed young graduates and illiterate smart oldies – to senior/middle management in corporate companies and everyone in-between. My love of people, curiosity and adventurous nature slowly lured me into new business places, each with different needs, which I sought to fulfill

My specialty lay in building confidence and business understanding, helping people who didn’t believe that they were capable of earning their own money, to move forward and emerge triumphantly into doing just that, be it a corporate executive turned bread baker (his love) or an illiterate floor sweeper into a successful manufacturer of concrete walls – all with little or no money. Their success was my success.

I was in business, teaching others how to do business – a hard one! My work was primarily client based and not funding based and I often raised project money to help the unemployed. Working in rural and often marginalized communities introduced me to the world of social entrepreneurship which brought me international recognition (I am an Ashoka fellow) and opportunities, introductions to wonderful people as well as how funding does and doesn’t work. In partnership with international donor agencies I was able to roll my business development model out in Mexico and also work with people with disabilities. I followed the dots as each stage lead me to fulfill another need in the marketplace in another country too, finding help along the way, or struggling without help and getting there anyway;

I moved on from writing my own training programmes and materials (and for others too) into writing articles, books and then into the world of publishing and self-publishing, financing my books myself and always helping others do that too. I know how it goes – or doesn’t.

My dream has been to write children’s books and this I achieved in 2015 with my first children’s book – a modern fairy tale – The Adventures of Galumph and Tink. Although published in America, I’ve landed up again as a self-published author as my publishers went out of business. Marketing my book through book-readings has been such a highlight and treasure. I just love it.

I bring all this to the table, along with a sense of humour, an intuitive sense of the truth in situations and a love of the natural way of being and doing.

 I’m blessed to be married to a wonderful supportive man and live on a small self-sustainable farm in the foothills of an indigenous forest in the Western Cape. We raise dairy cattle and sell our organic produce locally. So yes, small farming is also an area of expertise (how to cost out a pig for sale – for example) I’m an amateur potter and the baker and sell my goodies locally too. We love the simple life!

It is my joy to share all I know and experience with you to help you move forward into the next chapter of your life!