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Move Forward and Turn Your Dreams Into Reality


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Writing: Publishing: Author Support

Do you need help and inspiration to write your book? Are you ready to publish your book but not sure what that entails?

Life and Business Mentoring

2020 offers great new opportunities, but requires a different way of doing things. Do you need to find a new path and new income opportunities? Let me help you to embrace change, earn income doing something you love and find your magic; to move forward with a different perspective, confidence, focus and direction. It’s my specialty!

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Practical how to’s to start and grow your own business with little/no money – the entrepreneurial way.  15000 copies sold. Revised and available again – as a soft-cover, an e-book and on-line course.

About Me

Hi there, I’m Bev!

If you’re poised on the brink of a new life, wanting to be more you or more independent, to start your own business or finally publish that book then let me help you embrace change and take that leap of faith with the right information, into a new exciting place. I’ve been there myself many times and have helped countless others turn their dreams into reality.

I bring a deep and broad kit-bag of skills and experience as an entrepreneur and from working actively in diverse business arenas and with people from all walks of life. I provide sound practical knowledge and wisdom to empower you with new understanding, creativity, focus and direction to move forward and reach your dream in the most cost-effective way.

My approach is non-academic and creative. It encompasses both the soft skills (motivation and personal management) and the hard skills (practical how-to’s), which brings long-lasting solutions and easy personal and business achievements quickly.

What Are The People Saying?

God bless you Bev,

Thanks for all your help and advice. You are a star!

Lots of Love

Joan Frielick

Thanks dear Bev,

Your insight was exactly what we needed, much appreciated!

Nanna Joubert

Four Flowers Water

Entrepreneurship made Easy

This product  is a wonderful training support tool. I used your book in 2000 to start my business and wish to include it in our training as it was so worth-while in my business growth, and I know my students will receive value out of it as well.

Marina Prinsloo – The Image Academy International 

From The Blog

Asking for Help!

As a woman in business I suffer from a DIY syndrome; in other words I do it all - myself. I notice that men in business do not suffer from this syndrome; they usually organize a support team for the admin tasks and get on with the big stuff. ...

Profit: Here’s how it works.

In my journey as an entrepreneur and educator, enabling others to become entrepreneurs, much discussion has ensued over profit highlighting many misconceptions about its place and use. Profit, especially in the non-profit world, is a big NO! In small business many...

What is Entrepreneurship exactly?

There is much ado about entrepreneurship in the news lately, especially in South Africa, with young people being urged to become entrepreneurs and save the economy. That said, having been in this environment, as an entrepreneur empowering others to start and grow...

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